42'83' Firm name reflects attorney's commitment to area


By Sheila Pursglove
Legal News

When tax attorney Rosa Weaver decided to hang out her solo shingle in Rochester this past spring, she named her new law firm 42' 83' Legal Advisors.

“42' 83' is the latitude and longitude points for Detroit, and the name reflects my firm’s strong commitment to the city,” Weaver said.  “Detroit carries a powerful meaning for me and my family.”       

Starting her own firm has been Weaver’s vision for over seven years, as she waited to make sure she had a strong foundation and the financial ability to bring it to life. 

“I fully enjoy managing and operating my own firm as I’m able to offer my clients a more personalized legal experience,” she said. “Given the fact I’m in tax law and taxes stay with all of us in life as well as death, many of my clients have become lifetime clients as I assist with them tax planning and tax resolution.”    

Picking a name did not come easily, and she did not want to simply use her legal name. 

“Since I concentrate my legal practice specifically on tax law and tax law can cause many people heart ache or make them feel somewhat defeated, I wanted the name to represent something of meaning, power, resilience, significance —
and more importantly, a name that would transcend on a nationwide scale for years to come,” Weaver said.     

Weaver kept a journal at her bedside where she would jot down ideas for names.

Then in a conversation with a client in California, the two begin chatting about how the “Spirit of Detroit” statue symbolizes the noblest of human relationships and what it has meant for Weaver to grow up in the Detroit area.     

“We also talked about Detroit pride and my unconditional love for a city that continues to fight and persevere through any and all obstacles,” she said.   

Weaver, who before law school worked as a security specialist at General Motors, has lived and worked in the greater Detroit area for years.

A native of Royal Oak, she now lives in Rochester Hills where her family has lived for over four decades.

“I’ve watched the city rise and persevere through every challenge due to the support of its residents and surrounding suburbs’ unconditional love for the city,” Weaver said. “It was very important to me to capture the Detroit love no matter where I’m at in the country.”     

It was that same passion for the Motor City that led her to Detroit Mercy Law School after earning her undergrad degree from Michigan State University.

“It was so important to attend a law school rooted in tradition that supported the city,” Weaver said. “Detroit Mercy’s dedication and support to the city and its residents was inspiring, as well as the eagerness of the faculty to offer a hands-on education. I believe in Detroit Mercy’s legacy to empower positive change in the world by education.”      

With business growing fast, Weaver anticipates hiring a full time attorney early next year, to join a legal assistant and social media director that are already in place.     

The firm is expanding to Texas this fall, with the opening of an office in Houston.

“But no matter where the clients are or our firm’s offices, I want clients to know this all started in Detroit,” Weaver said.     

A member of Federal Bar Association, American Bar Association Taxation section, Oakland County Bar Association, Michigan Women in Taxation Association and American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, Weaver chairs the State Bar of Michigan International Business and Taxation section.    

“The State Bar of Michigan is a wonderful opportunity to develop meaningful relationships in the legal community, and the International Business and Taxation Section allows me to continue to learn, grow and inform other attorney about the challenges the international tax community faces,” she said.


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