MuskeCon 2.0 puts Halloween to shame


Photos by Jeanne Vollmer

Last year MuskeCon organizer Pete McCarthy said he would be back, and last Saturday he made good on his promise.

It is tempting to state that as “They’re ba-a-a-a-ck!” as in the film Poltergeist, because much of what was on display at MuskeCon 2.0 was fit for a horror movie.

And even what was not had a nice Halloween feel to it — without the candy.

The connection, loosely, is comics. MuskeCon is a comic-con (for convention) which takes off from all things comic book. That allows for horror, super-heroes, cosplay (a word made up of costume and play), and all kinds of monsters.

As in 2017, there was a costume contest, but many who came all dressed up did not enter. The competition was held in the booth space of the Cosplay Crusaders (see photo).

Deidre’s Dawn
author J. William McFadden, who was recently featured in the Examiner, and graphic novelist/journalist Gary Beatty, along with other writers, had exhibits at MuskeCon.

Bart Rennells of Spooky Fog Studios gets the credit for creating the spooky purple people eater mask shown in the photo, as well as a whole range of horrific masks. It was Spooky Fog’s first year at the comic-con.

The convention was full of people dressed as characters or in cosplay styles. Siblings Doran Riley and ‘Addie Rall’ are two of them; Riley has appeared in the Examiner before because he is a member of the Denton High Drama Club, which “shadowcasts” the film Rocky Horror Picture Show, shown every third Saturday at the Harbor Cinema. The ever-energetic Chad Leister is another, dressed as a robot-looking outer space man.

Then there was the tale of the two Jasons. The one on the left, Jason VanDerHoeven, created the one on the right, a replica of the horror movie icon from the Friday the 13th series. VanDerHoeven also owns Slippy Ink custom tattoos located at 1865 Henry St. Suite B, in Muskegon.

The venue, in the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor, was packed almost to the point of not being able to breathe. McCarthy says on the MuskeCon Facebook page, which also has a five-star review from someone who drove all the way from “the Detroit/Flint side of the state,” that MuskeCon will once again be back next year.