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by Chris Burnaw

In a couple of days, we’re going to pack up the car and head out for the annual adventure called Spring Break! The first week of April is traditionally spring break week for the K-12 schools in our community, with some heading out on a road trip, some hopping on a plane or train, and some staying right x0here in lovely West Michigan. No matter what your plans, here are some ideas to help keep a healthy balance during your adventures.

For the travelers, be sure to pack a bag of healthy snacks for  the road. Portion controlled containers are a good idea, to avoid mindless snacking when travel fatigue sets in.  Include refillable water bottles to stay hydrated, filling them up when you make a rest stop on the road trip. If you’re travelling by plane, keep bottles empty when going through security, and then fill them up on the way to your gate.

When traveling, be sure fit some exercise into the journey! Pack a ball in the car to toss or kick around for a few minutes at rest stops, or take a quick walk. At the airport, take a walk around to see the sights instead of sitting at the gate.  Once you reach your destination, be sure to keep that healthy movement going! Take advantage of the fitness center or pool at your hotel, find a hiking trail nearby, walk around the city instead of driving or calling an Uber, play tag with the kids… anything goes to work some exercise into your days.

Staying home for Spring Break? It may not be as warm as Florida, but it’s still good to get out in the fresh air! Take a hike with the kids at one of our awesome local parks and look for signs of spring or walk along the beach and dream of summer days. You can still get some swimming in too – just head for a local indoor water park like Double J or the Spring Lake Aquatic Center.
Wherever your plans take you, have a healthy, happy week!

The launch of 1 in 21 Healthy Muskegon County was prompted by the low results Muskegon County received in the County Health Rankings. The County Health Rankings, produced by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, are based on a model of population health that emphasizes the many factors that, if improved, can help make communities healthier places to live, learn, work and play. Muskegon currently ranks 68 out of 83 Michigan counties overall and 57 in Health Factors. The vision of 1 in 21 is that Muskegon will be the Healthiest County in Michigan by 2021. It is an ambitious goal, but one that can be achieved if we all work together!

One in 21 is a community initiative, launched by Muskegon Rotary Club. We work with many partners in the community including schools, healthcare providers, businesses, nonprofits, community gardens, youth programs, fitness centers and community members like you. For more more visit