Grand Haven's ArtWalk takes off after a ribbon cutting at the waterfront


By Cynthia Price

This year, ArtWalk, Grand Haven’s more relaxed answer to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, started off with a Ribbon cutting, with the very large scissors handled by City Manager Pat McGinnis.

Though ArtWalk took some of the best ideas from ArtPrize (such as public voting), it has grown up very differently: a smaller number of entries, more incorporation of the art into storefronts and cityscapes, and a real sense of the town that hosts it.

Another difference is that ArtWalk intends to continue running every year, unlike ArtPrize which has reduced its full-blown exhibit to every other year.

There was a lot of appealing art, including “Frida in Blue Dress” by Suzette Heeres, “Sitting Bull” by Jonah Harjer.


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