Political forum draws folks downtown

By Cynthia Price

Some of the candidates running in local races showed up for an outdoor forum at Hackley Park this past Saturday, while others failed to attend.
The forum was held by the experiential learning center of Muskegon Community College – George Maniates (who moderated) and Kurt Troutman.
The only race where both of the major candidates appeared was the 91st District State House, Greg VanWoerkom (Republican) and Tanya Cabala (Democrat).
Terry Sabo, running in the 92nd, spoke briefly without taking people’s time to answer the series of questions from MCC, and said he wished his opponent had been there so she could share her beliefs.
Dr. Rob Davidson’s opponent for the U.S. House of Representatives, Bill Huizenga, did not come Saturday, but the two did debate last Monday night in Newaygo. Davidson, with his usual grace and expertise, did his best to answer questions from Maniates in Huizenga’s absence.
There were two candidates debating in the Senate contest, as well: Democrat Poppy Hernandez and Libertarian Max Riekse; but Republican Jon Bumstead, too, was absent.

Note: since the state Senate and House candidates ran in the primaries covered in-depth in the 7/25/2018 Examiner, we will not cover them again. Watch next week for a look at the proposals and a few other races.

In the meantime, the League of Women Voters has a comprehensive guide, which can be tailored by zip code, as well as hotline numbers to call for election day problems, at www.vote411.org.