Pumpkin roll celebrates Lakeside



By Cynthia Price

When you tell Shirley Green how wonderful it is that she opens up her house to the whole Lakeside community to celebrate Halloween, she shrugs it off.

But the fact is that everyone in the neighborhood appreciates her generosity with time and treasure, and enjoys the fun she and people who help her provide.

That is why last Saturday they came out for a pumpkin roll down the hill by Green’s house – which is in fact right across the street from the home she grew up in, along with her sister Sally Pleimling and their brother, both still living in Lakeside.

There was also a potluck and some wonderful sweets, and favors for the kids, as well as a photographer to take photos with scary and silly Halloween props, but the main focus was the impressive roll.

“The idea is to keep going back up the hill and doing it,” said Green, who was able to pick up her order of 60 pumpkins at the downtown farmers’ market this year.

Since it is not a race or contest (and keeping track of whose pumpkin is who’s would be difficult), the eventual end is when all the pumpkins are smashed.

As the round orange squash come careening down the hill, it is a good idea to stay out of their way. One even knocked over a little girl despite the fact that she had hopped up on the curb ... but after a few tearns she was found not to be hurt in the slightest.

After the second launch, there was even a young boy who was able to run as fast as the pumpkins rolled, and beat his to the bottom.

Neighbors came and went, sitting around tables talking, enjoying Green’s hospitality, bringing tiny new baby kittens inside her house or just stopping by briefly to check out the neighborhood kids.

Green is just one of many dedicated Lakesiders who keep the action lively all year round, from the Lakeside Emporium’s LEAF parade to Spring into Lakeside to the upcoming Nov. 24 Shop Small Saturday events.

The date for the wonderful Holidays in Lakeside is December 1st this year.