Only Cannoli opens


Owners Bethany Bauer (left) and Brittany Meloche stand in front of their new business, The Only Cannoli, so far wildly successful.


Older people who hear the name “The Only Cannoli” might be tempted to think of the song “Only the Lonely” by Roy Orbison, but that description would be far off the mark.

When The Only Cannoli opened up in Lakeside last Saturday, there were so many people wanting their taste of the creamy-filled Italian pastry that it was impossible to get inside the door.

Owners Bethany Bauer and Brittany Meloche struggled to keep up, but they ran out of the delicacy in the early afternoon. So they and employees started cooking up another batch. As the promised cannoli-fix moment of 3:00 p.m. drew nearer, the line started all over again.

“We thought it would be a success, but this was kind of a surprise,” says Bauer.

Both are newcomers to Lakeside, with Bauer coming from Detroit area and Meloche from Grand Haven.

They were able to develop and test their product, and build their business, with help from Kitchen 242, the food incubator located in the downtown farmers’ market.