A tale of two bunnies unfolds at local egg hunts



By Cynthia Price

Two large white bunnies, both of indeterminate gender and wearing similar minimal clothing, appeared at large gatherings of children this past weekend in Muskegon.

One was active and enthusiastic, dancing around, encouraging participation, helping shyer kids get some Easter eggs at the Glenside Neighborhood Association hunt. Unfortunately, some children found him/her/it frightening and either burst into tears or tried to avoid his/her/its high-fives.

The other was quiet and sweet-looking and waited for the children at the Lakeside Neighborhood Association Easter egg hunt to approach.

Both bunny attitudes were appealing as hundreds of children came out to the events.

There was also an egg hunt in Fruitport, and even though there was confusion about the start time, a lot showed up for that as well.

Those three, taking place last Saturday, were in addition to a number of church-based events and the previous week’s hunts at such places as Roosevelt?Park, Muskegon Family Care, area libraries including Muskegon’s Walker Library, and on the lawn of the Hume Home (which was sponsored by Our Savior’s Lutheran).

And of course, there was also the big white bunny at the Lakes Mall.

Both the Glenside and Lakeside egg hunts offered a lot more than just the dive for prizes. At Glenside, which was held in the morning at the Community Center in McGraft Park,  people were first invited in for coffee and doughnuts. The Easter-Bunny-assisted egg hunts were done in three flights, according to age.

As people entered, volunteers – some fulfilling community service requirements at local high schools – handed out balloons and ten free raffle tickets, which they could put in containers either for a number of general gift baskets or for one of three big prizes: a kid’s tricycle, a boy’s bicycle, or a girl’s bicycle. Following the egg drops, people gathered around to hear who had won. Under a tent provided by major event sponsor Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt, Emcee Andy O’Riley, community police officer Adam Sherman, and Glenside volunteers pulled numbers of lucky winners, and a long procession of kids came up to claim their prizes. (Many were donated by Coldwell Banker.)

The Lakeside Easter Egg Hunt, which was smaller, sectioned off three areas for various age groups on the lawn of Family Promise offices on Denmark. Community Police Officer Sherman, who serves Glenside, Lakeside and Beachwood/Bluffton neighborhoods, kicked off the hunt with a megaphone.

That event was also followed by a raffle of nice prizes.

Saturday was a beautiful day, and Sunday, Easter itself, was even nicer – a reminder that Spring has sprung despite the occasional April snows.