Go retro at the market



The Retro Expo is more than just an antique show.

You can buy anything there from original artwork to newly made jewelry to 1970s clothes to campers – admittedly of the vintage variety.

Started by Alison Updyke, the event has a new manager: Kia Evans, who has her own upcycled and goods business called Junk in the Trunk. Along with husband Dan, Evans was one of a couple dizen exhibitors when the Retro Expo took place July 14 at the downtown Farmers’ Market.

With a laid-back atmosphere, the expo offered vendorsand customers taking it slow in the midday sun.

Applications to display are found on the City of Muskegon website at www.muskegon-mi.gov/retro-expo-application/, but are closed for 2019. For more info, call 231-724-6705.

Unfortunately, the next Retro Expo is not until Sept. 15. It is held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.