Oakland County Clerk announces enhanced Concealed Pistol License

Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds Bill Bullard Jr. recently announced that the Clerk's Office will now be issuing enhanced ID quality cards for Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL) in lieu of the previous laminated paper license.

"The previous licenses were much more fragile and we had found that replacements were often needed before expiration of the license." Bullard said. "Every time the CPL holder damaged their previous card it cost them $10 for a replacement and this is a way to issue a much more durable card and save costs for Oakland County residents."

The other benefit of the new card is increased security against tampering and counterfeit CPL cards. Sheriff Mike Bouchard praised the new card saying, "Everything we can do to make the card more tamper resistant and easier to verify legitimate cardholder helps both the licensee and the public."

There is no change to the current CPL procedure or fees, and current license holders may come in and be issued the new card for the replacement fee of $10.

This new license is the latest example of Bullard's commitment to make the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds Office friendly, fiscally responsible and provide the most state of the art services to all Oakland County residents.

The Oakland County Clerk's Office is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

For all CPL information, visit http://www.oakgov.com/clerkrod/vitalrecords/concealed_pistol_license.html.

Published: Thu, May 3, 2012


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