CYBERSPACE SIGHTING: Company launches website

Recognizing a need of law firms, insurance companies, and in-house counsel to provide their clients with affordable rates and deliver exceptional work product, Streamline Litigation announces the launch of its litigation support services, which is supported by a national network of U.S. admitted attorneys with substantive experience in a wide range of legal areas. Streamline Litigation utilizes its attorney network to perform quick and efficient drafting and research. The company’s attorney network enables it to offer competitive rates to lower firms’ operating expenses. Streamline Litigation strives to assist small to large law firms and corporations in making well-informed decisions about legal drafting and research in the context of increasing litigation budgets and operating expenses.

Streamline Litigation has developed a comprehensive website,, which offers a range of information, industry-related content, and on line tools for clients.

The website also offers a secure portal used by clients to access their account information and view their uploaded drafts.

As part of its objective to assist attorneys in the practice of law, Streamline Litigation’s website offers an Attorney Resource Center (ARC), which delivers extensive content specific to each state including e-filing website links, state statute links, recent legal developments, and additional relevant content organized by area of law. Streamline Litigation stays up to date on developing legal news affecting the litigation marketplace through our social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Linkedln.

“Our mission and goal is to enable law practices no matter how large or small in decreasing their expenses so as to provide affordable rates to their clients, reduce workload to focus on the most important matters, and increase overall work product. Our network of attorneys comprise a cross-section of elite attorneys across the United States, whose backgrounds and experiences are substantive and diverse,” said Brian Peykar, founder of Streamline Litigation.


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