Whitbeck announces re-election candidacy

Michigan Court of Appeals Judge William C. Whitbeck announced last week that he will seek re-election to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

"My service to the people of Michigan as a judge on the Court of Appeals has been, for me, a time of duty and stewardship," Whitbeck said. "I believe in the disciplined, fair, and consistent application of the law," he continued. "I believe this is what the Constitution demands and what the people deserve. I am grateful for the deep and wide range of support I have received for my re-election campaign and I look forward to a third full term on the Court."

Whitbeck has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a lawyer and a judge, with over 40 years in the private practice of law, in state and federal public service, and as a judge. He has served on the Michigan Court of Appeals for more than 12 years, including six years as chief judge.

As chief judge, he led the way for the adoption and implementation of cost cutting and delay reduction programs that significantly reduced the processing time for opinions and the delays, complications, and costs that Michigan's citizens, businesses, and taxpayers incur in the appellate process.

Whitbeck, 69, was born in Holland, Michigan and grew up in Kalamazoo. He attended Northwestern University and the University of Michigan Law School. Whitbeck and his wife Stephanie reside in Lansing's capitol district in their historic 1878 home. Whitbeck has written his first legal mystery, "To Account for Murder," which will be published in November 2010.

During his career in public service, Whitbeck was a member of the immediate staffs of Governors George Romney, William Milliken, and John Engler. Whitbeck was also in the private practice of law in Lansing for a number of years, specializing in administrative law, real estate law, and litigation. Whitbeck was appointed to the Court of Appeals in October of 1997 and he was elected to full six-year terms in 1998 and 2004. He served as chief judge of the Court from January 1, 2002, to January 1, 2008.

The Court of Appeals is Michigan's intermediate appellate court and hears appeals from trial court decisions throughout the state. Unlike trial judges, judges of the Court of the Appeals serve statewide. However, Court of Appeals judges are elected from four districts. Whitbeck's election district is the Fourth Judicial District, which is geographically the largest and includes 58 of Michigan's 83 counties.

Whitbeck's supporters come from across the political spectrum and throughout the state, including hundreds of judges, justices, prosecutors, elected and appointed officials, attorneys, business, labor, and ordinary citizens. More than 700 supporters range from Republicans like former Governors William Milliken and John Engler to Democrats like former attorney General Frank J. Kelley. A current list of those persons and labor and business organizations that have endorsed Whitbeck in the last 30 days is viewable at his Web site, www.JudgeWhitbeck.org.

Published: Mon, Mar 1, 2010