News (AP) - Commissioner announces road improvement funding for Southfield

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the Tri-Party Road Improvement Program for Fiscal Year 2010 with the City of Southfield receiving $48,707 in Tri-Party Road funding as a result of Oakland County Commissioner Eric Coleman's resolution #10171 advocating for the funds.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved the Tri-Party Road Improvement funding at the July 22nd board meeting.

Oakland County Commissioner Eric Coleman (D-Southfield District-23) stated, "The road project will improve 12 Mile Road between Evergreen and Southfield Road. I am glad that my colleagues supported my efforts to bring road improvement funding to the City of Southfield. This effort is a collaboration with the Road Commission for Oakland County and the City of Southfield each paying 1/3 of the costs for the road improvements."

Since 1973, the Tri-Party Program has raised revenue and awareness on the issues of roads. The Tri-Party Program consists of Oakland County, the Road Commission for Oakland County and local governments with each providing one-third equally in funding for county road projects in local communities.

This program has been well received since is inception 27-years ago. County residents have witnessed an improvement in travel conditions in rural communities of the county. Another benefit of the Tri-Party Program is the significant road improvements traffic and safety measures that are provided to participating cities, villages, and townships throughout the county.

Published: Thu, Aug 5, 2010


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