News (AP) - Oakland County purchasing employees garner certification

Three employees in Oakland County's Purchasing Division have attained the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) certification. Richard Brower, Joan Daniels and Edward Tucker have successfully completed the CPPB examination.

"The achievement of these three purchasing employees underscores what my administration values - we want the best people serving the residents of Oakland County," said County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

To garner a CPPB certification, candidates must demonstrate through an application process that they meet specific requisites established by the Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council. They include:

* Formal education.

* Procurement related course work.

* Training.

* And public purchasing experience.

A comprehensive written examination is required to confirm the candidate's mastery of the body of knowledge for public purchasing professionals.

"This prestigious certification is an outstanding honor for individuals employed in the public purchasing profession and is an asset to Oakland County," said Purchasing Division Manager Jack Smith.

The Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) was initially established as the Professional Public Buyer (PPB) certificate program in 1979 and expanded in 1991 to a full-scale certification. To date 8,358 purchasing professionals have achieved this accomplished status nationwide.

Oakland County's Purchasing Division, part of the Department of Management and Budget, continues to work to acquire goods and services at reduced costs to Oakland County taxpayers. In 2009, the Purchasing Division obtained more than $1.3 million in contract concessions from county vendors.

Brower, a 66-year-old West Bloomfield resident, has served Oakland County as a buyer for six years. 58-year-old Daniels, a buyer for the county for eight years, resides in Lake Orion. Tucker, also an eight-year buyer for the county, lives in Waterford. He is 52.

Published: Thu, Aug 19, 2010


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