High court stops lawsuit over fatal muffler repair

BRIGHTON (AP) -- The Michigan Supreme Court has stopped a lawsuit that blamed muffler companies for the death of a Brighton man who inhaled car exhaust in a closed garage.

Craig White's family claimed companies that made or marketed a muffler-repair kit had a duty to warn that cars should not be run in a closed space.

The state appeals court kept the lawsuit alive with a 2-1 decision in May. But the Supreme Court reversed that ruling with a one-sentence order last Thursday.

The 54-year-old White died in 2005 while working on his Buick. His wife and son returned home and found him in the closed garage with the car jacked up and running.

The Supreme Court adopted the dissenting opinion of an appeals court judge who said it was carbon monoxide that killed White, not the muffler wrap.

Published: Mon, Oct 4, 2010


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