Oakland Circuit, Probate Courts announce changes

Oakland County Circuit Court Chief Judge Nanci Grant and Probate Court Chief Judge Eugene Arthur Moore announce the following changes to the courts:

Judge Martha Anderson will switch her criminal call on Mondays to 8:30 a.m. beginning Monday, Dec. 20, 2010.

Judge Mary Ellen Brennan is relocating to Courtroom 2G in the courthouse east wing (formerly Judge John McDonald's courtroom), effective Dec. 20, and Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti moving to Courtroom W2 in the west wing extension (previously held by Judge Brennan), as of Dec. 22. Court proceedings scheduled before Judge Pezzetti on or before Dec. 22 (including the Dec. 22 motion call) will take place, as calendared, in Judge Pezzetti's current location, Courtroom 1F. All contact information (phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses) for the judges and their employees will remain unchanged.

Effective Jan. 1, 2011, Probate Court's newly elected Judge Kathleen Ryan will be located in Judge Pezzetti's former courtroom, 1F, and assigned the probate docket of Judge Moore.

Also as of Jan. 1, Judge Edward Sosnick and Judge James Alexander will switch dockets. Judge Sosnick will be assigned to the family division of the court and assume the docket of Judge Alexander along with the family division docket of Judge Moore, who will retire effective Jan. 1.

Judge Alexander will be assigned to the civil/criminal division taking the docket of Judge Sosnick.

Judge Sosnick's eFiling docket will remain eFiling with Judge Alexander. Judge Alexander will hold his criminal call on Wednesdays at 1 p.m.

The Friend of the Court (FOC) referee team assigned to Judge Sosnick will be Referees Suzanne Bolton, Arthur Spears, and Alisa Martin. For purposes of their Wednesday morning motion calls, Referee Bolton will be in Judge Sosnick's jury room (2B), Referee Spears will be in Judge Alexander's jury room (1B), and Referee Martin will be in Judge Phyllis McMillen's jury room (3C).

FOC referees Katie Fairbrother, Libby Blanchard and Mark Sherbow will remain assigned to Judge Brennan, but given her move to Courtroom 2G, the locations of their Wednesday morning motion calls will change. Effective Dec. 22, 2010, Referees Fairbrother and Blanchard will be in the Jury Assembly Room and Referee Sherbow will be in Judge Brennan's jury room (2G).

FOC Referees Betty Lowenthal and Evanne Dietz will continue to be assigned to Judge Pezzetti, but given her move to Courtroom W2, the locations of their Wednesday morning motion calls will change. Effective Jan. 5, Referees Lowenthal and Dietz will be in the two conference rooms at the end and on the right side of the small hallway that is immediately west of Courtroom W2. These conference rooms are unmarked, so they cannot be identified by name. Please call Judge Pezzetti's chambers (after her move to Courtroom W2) for more information as to the location of these conference rooms and to which Referees Lowenthal and Dietz will be assigned.

FOC Referee Ron Foon will continue to be assigned to Judge Cheryl Matthews, but the location of his Wednesday morning motion call will change. Effective Jan. 5, Referee Foon will be in Judge Shalina Kumar's jury room (1C).

The Dec. 29, 2010, motion call is cancelled.

Copies of the reassignment orders will be mailed to attorneys on pending cases and to parties on all active Friend of the Court cases.

Published: Tue, Dec 14, 2010


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