Success cycle: New Ann Arbor law firm specializes in bicycle accident cases


Photo courtesy of Biggs & Gunst P.C.

By Sheila Pursglove
Legal News

To kick off the grand opening of the new Ann Arbor law firm of Biggs & Gunst P.C., attorney Brandon Biggs cycled across the state on August 12th in the 150-mile One Day Ride Across Michigan (ODRAM). Raising nearly $1,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the ride from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron took Biggs 10 hours, 45,000 pedal strokes, and 13,000 calories.

Biggs and his law firm partner Scott Gunst, both experienced cyclists, met in law school at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island—where Biggs arrived fresh off a 4,000 mile, 10-week cross-country ride from Florida to San Francisco with Bike & Build, a non profit raising money and awareness for affordable housing programs such as Habitat for Humanity.

The two are passionate about protecting the rights of cyclists and providing legal counsel in cycling accident cases. “Often the interaction between car and bicycle can have devastating results for the cyclist,” Biggs says. 
The attorneys—who also handle automotive and maritime cases, medical provider cases in motor vehicle accidents, and offer alternative dispute resolution services—are only too familiar with devastating interactions between bikes and cars. Biggs has experienced a number of close calls, witnessed a friend get hit, his fiancée was struck waiting on her bike at a red light, and two cyclists were killed during his Bike & Build rides. Gunst, who took up cycling after law school and participates in several annual charity rides, was nearly struck by an inattentive driver less than 10 miles from his home.  “It’s from these experiences that we’re devoted to advancing and protecting the rights of cyclists,” Gunst says.

Biggs explains that in Michigan, a bicycle is not considered a vehicle, but cyclists have a right to use public roads so long as they adhere to laws that apply to cyclists, including riding below the posted speed limit, and as close as practicable to the right edge of the road or curb. The rising popularity of electronic bikes or e-bikes presents new issues, he adds. “Because e-bikes contain electric motors, their designation as a bicycle is questionable. Legislation is being discussed to clear up the current confusion regarding their status.” 

The two are committed to serving the Ann Arbor community.  “We’ve been very blessed to be where we are, and as we build our firm we hope to better serve the community that supports us, both in and out of the legal context” Biggs said.


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