Tappan School inaugurates 'Law Club' with presentation by two county homicide detectives

By Frank Weir

Legal News

Washtenaw County homicide detectives Tom Sinks and John Scafasci visited Tappan School last week for the inaugural meeting of that school's Law Club.

Hosted by long-time Tappan teacher Wendy Raymond, the club is an extension of legal-related activities Raymond has offered "for 20 years," she said.

"Due to changes in class scheduling, some seventh graders were unable to attend my classes as eighth graders so we came up with the idea of a 'law club' this year that allows any student to participate," she said.

The club will meet six times a year on Thursdays. Future programs will feature local attorneys discussing why they chose to enter the law as well as a mock trial to be held in Judge Timothy Connors' courtroom.

Judge Connors has long championed Raymond's work hosting courtroom tours by Raymond's students.

On the right, Sinks shows students how bullets fired from differing distances may or may not leave residue on victims' clothing.

Sinks and Scafasci also showed students how detectives can find fingerprints on various surfaces, even on rubber gloves worn by suspects; how molds of shoe prints are cast; and how to use a Super Glue fuming box to make finger prints readable on certain surfaces.

About 50 students attended the Law Club paying rapt attention and asking pertinent questions during the event.

Published: Thu, Nov 12, 2009


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