Sturgeon 'season' over in 2 days

It took just 30 minutes into the second day of the season for anglers to harvest the five sturgeon quota from Black Lake, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment said.

Spear fishermen took four fish during the first six-hour day of fishing.

This year, the DNRE worked with Sturgeon for Tomorrow to change the registration procedure, allowing open access to spearing instead of issuing a limited number of permits. DNRE personnel registered 255 anglers for Saturday's opener and 169 on Sunday.

Successful anglers were required to register their fish immediately with the DNRE. The season was closed - and anglers still on the ice were notified - when the fifth fish was taken on a recent Sunday morning. The sturgeon taken ranged from 28 pounds to a 104-pound, 75-inch specimen.

Four of the fish had previously been captured by DNRE and Michigan State University netting crews and marked with passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags.

''The season worked out very well,'' said DNRE fisheries biologist Tim Cwalinski. ''We were able to allow a lot more participation and still protect the sturgeon population."

Published: Thu, Mar 4, 2010


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