WCBA creating 'Law and Justice Fund'


The Washtenaw County Bar Association is very pleased to announce to its membership and to community at large that, on April 21, 2010, its Board of Directors voted to create a Field of Interest Endowment Fund to be placed with the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation in an initial gift of $25,000.

The initial funds for the endowment originate from collective WCBA operations over the past four years which realized surplus funds from a one-time LRIS percentage fee earnings, sound Association management, budget tightening, member contributions to our general donation fund and small surpluses from various continuing legal education, dinners and outing programs over the same time period.

The name of the endowment will be "The Washtenaw County Bar Association Law and Justice Fund." The purpose of the Fund will be to support efforts in Washtenaw County in the following law-related areas:

(a) improve public understanding of the legal system, legal issues, and the role of lawyers in society;

(b) advance professional legal development and continuing legal education;

(c) promote affordable and meaningful access to the justice system in Washtenaw County; and

(d) improve the effectiveness and fairness of the legal system in Washtenaw County.

The WCBA's "Field of Interest" fund with the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation will receive and invest donations which will be used to issue yearly grants to appropriate nonprofit organizations and programs whose activities are within our designated field of interest.

The initial funding of the endowment will be $25,000. The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation will invest those dedicated funds, administer the grant program and determine the yearly grant recipients consistent with the WCBA's Law and Justice Fund purposes as described above.

Note that, as of December 31, 2009, the AAACF's assets stood at $48 million.

Its pooled assets, from a variety of donors, are invested together to yield greater growth, income and lower investment fees than would a single organization acting alone.

To help launch the WCBA's Law and Justice Fund program and to plan future fundraising for the WCBA's fund, a WCBA Launch Committee will be forming.

If you are interested in sitting as a member of the WCBA Law and Justice Fund Launch Committee, please contact Kyeena Slater, the Association's Executive Director.

The committee will be assembled to meet within the next three weeks.

Contributions to the WCBA Law and Justice Fund will qualify for the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit as well as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

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Published: Thu, May 13, 2010


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