Together for eternity: Justices resting places close in D.C.

By Kimberly Atkins

The Daily Record Newswire

We all know that the position of Supreme Court justice is a lifetime appointment.

But as it turns out, many justices of the Court have remained together even beyond their lifetimes.

Thirty late Supreme Court justices have final resting places within a short radius of one another in the Washington D.C. area, reports the Associated Press.

And 12 of those justices are all buried in the same place: Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Most are within a stone's throw of one another, and several even have adjoining headstones.

''The court always had a sense of collegial togetherness,'' said David N. Atkinson, a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, told the AP's Jessica Gresko.

The justices who are situated at Arlington alongside each other - as if on a bench - were also seated on the Court together: Justices William J. Brennan, Jr., Potter Stewart, Thurgood Marshall and Harry A. Blackmun.

Their chief justice, Warren Burger, is buried one row ahead.

Other justices interred at the cemetery include former president and Chief Justice William Howard Taft, Justice William O. Douglas, and Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who in 2005 was the last to be buried there.

Martin Ginsburg, the late husband of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was buried there in June, leading to speculation that the justice may also be laid to rest there.

Just a short distance from Arlington, 18 other justices are buried in cemeteries in Washington, DC and Maryland.

Published: Thu, Aug 5, 2010


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