Chef Kirkendall serves up a multi-course feast for high bidders Pam and Kent Byrnes


Retired Judge and active chef John Kirkendall recently prepared a feast for high bidders Pam and Kent Byrnes that benefitted the Ypsilanti Freight House renovation.

The meal was served at the Ypsilanti Historical Museum.

Servers joining Chef Kirkendall were, Tom Tobias, retired teacher; Dick Robb, retired dentist and former EMU regent; Kirkendall; Jim Baker, retired box designer; and Bob Taylor, former firefighter and "holder of the fire extinguisher as the Cherries Jubilee was set aflame," according to Kirkendall.

Menu for Freight House Dinner

--Your hosts Pam and Kent Byrnes

Appetizers: Amuse-Bouches and Champagne; Michigan Country Paté with buttered, toasted pain de mie rounds; Smoked Upper Peninsula Whitefish.

First Course: Vegetable Crepe Gateau; fresh tomato sauce; Blanc de Blanc Leelanau Michigan wine.

Second Course: Vichyssoise, a cup served with warm River Street French Bread with Basil Butter and Unsalted Butter.

Between Courses: Minted Pineapple Lime Sorbet with Moravian Ginger Cookie served in Sesquicentennial shot glass (yours to keep).

Entrée: Tenderloin of Chelsea Beef Wellington; Crisped Potato Baskets with Buttered Snow Peas; Upright Romaine with Maytag Bleu Cheese dipping sauce; Selection of Michigan Reds by Mawby Winery.

Dessert: Genoise ice cream roll with Traverse City Cherries Jubilee.

Published: Thu, Aug 5, 2010


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