Coach's Playbook: Job Tip No. 3: If you aren't working, sell or learn

By Elizabth Jolliffe

Your Benchmark Coach

Ann Arbor lawyer David Nacht recently gave advice to local lawyers on how to get more business: "spend your time either working, selling or learning." This advice applies to job hunters as well. When you are not working (working or applying for jobs), sell or learn.

Selling here means selling yourself. You have to network to develop relationships so that people get to know, like and trust you. Raise your visibility, get involved and get known for your great and unique qualities. If you hide at home or in your office, searching online or only asking people to tell you of openings, you are not selling yourself.

Keep learning. Use part of your time to learn a niche area, write an article, become knowledgeable about something that can help you stand out, or take time to develop more of your skills. This will help you get a job and get clients in the future.

The bottom line: use your time to position and distinguish yourself. If you don't believe this is useful, ask yourself why someone would select you for an interview among all of the other candidates. What makes you stand out for the jobs you are seeking? Isn't it time to make that happen?

Next time: Job Search Tip No. 4: Develop a Presence on the Web.

Elizabeth Jolliffe is a certified career management and business development coach for lawyers.

She practiced for 19 years as a business litigator, partner and former recruiting committee chair at Clark Hill PLC in Detroit.

Jolliffe helps her clients build their practice and take charge of their career.

Published: Thu, May 19, 2011


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