February 10, 2011

    1. The Firm: Remember to thank your referral sources
    2. Money Matters: Innovation is key element in the nation's future economy
    3. Law Life: The latest innovations in law from LegalTech NY


    1. National Roundup
    2. California Year later, family's disappearance remains a mystery Detective believes family of four may have gone to Mexico
    3. West Virginia Lawsuit challenges four cities' gun laws
    4. London Age discrimination in the media under scrutiny BBC case fuels debate on changing the face of TV
    5. California Councilman says highly paid manager ran city
    6. Washington CIA accountability At agency, mistakes, then promotions
    7. Washington,D.C. Lawmakers oppose federal bailout for states McHenry: 'The era of the bailout is over'
    8. Washington, D.C. Kicking the habit President Obama has stopped smoking, but will it last?


    1. Detroit Quicken says it doesn't owe OT as trial opens Verdict against the company could cost millions of dollars
    2. Detroit Michigan ag director sees aquaculture opportunity Industry has been stagnant in the state for the past decade
    3. Livonia New movie studio producing sci-fi thriller
    4. Marquette Ladies of the Lights Book details female lighthouse keepers


    1. New York Transgender activists face multiple challenges, according to survey Activists look to make headway through lawsuits
    2. Hawaii Environmentalists, feds settle sea turtle lawsuit
    3. Wisconsin After 54 years, woman charged in baby's death
    4. Tennessee Lawsuits in Fla., England related to Elvis music


    1. Promises, Promises Despite efforts to change it, 'widows' tax' lingers Twisted tax policy affects 55,000 of the nation's war widows
    2. Agriculture Bittersweet deal High sugar prices help farmers pay off debt
    3. Taxes IRS reduces penalties if tax cheats come clean Deadline to settle up is Aug. 31


    1. Daily Briefs (Feb10)
    2. Legal Landscape Post 9/11
    3. Wayne Law students embrace multiculturalism with action Student associations organize fieldtrips to 3 museums
    4. Local Voice: Teachers face special dangers at criminal arraignments