May 26, 2011

    1. Law Life: Technological strategies for the future
    2. Money Matters: Inflation can affect long-term investor plans, progress
    3. Commentary: Legal View: Drunk driver forced to undergo catheterization
    4. Commentary: Celebrate the historic 175th Anniversary of the DMBA
    5. Legal Affairs: ABA Take; Are you legally prepared for a natural disaster?


    1. National Roundup
    2. North Carolina: AP source: Edwards could be indicted within days Plea deal still possible
    3. Idaho: Tea party targets schools for 'Constitution Week' Material from center promotes Constitution as divinely inspired
    4. New York: 4 convicted of helping wealthy dodge taxes Two attorneys helped in massive tax shelter scheme
    5. California: Cemetery slur to be finally buried; County to replace headstones engraved with N-word
    6. Massachusetts: Jury acquits Kerrigan brother in father's death
    7. Iowa: Republican Pawlenty betting bid for party's nomination all on Iowa


    1. Jaffe partner Falkenstein named WCBA president
    2. State Roundup
    3. Eye on Lansing: Plan would cut Michigan universities by 15 percent; School officials disappointed in funding plan
    4. Snyder signs sweeping tax measure into law


    1. New York: He said, she said; Ex-IMF chief may use tried, tricky consent defense
    2. Supreme Court Watch: High court's Calif. ruling could lead to overhaul State legislators may decide to keep more low-level offenders out of prison
    3. California: MGA wants $177M in punitive damages in Bratz doll lawsuit; Company spent $200M defending suit


    1. Broken Budgets: Schools struggle to recover amid years of cuts Districts are laying off teachers, raising class sizes, and cutting electives
    2. Business: Google and Citibank each throw $55M to the wind
    3. Economy: Plastic money; Prepaid cards attract money launderers


    1. Answering a historic call: As a young lawyer, retired Circuit Court Judge Claudia Morcom journeyed to Mississippi fight for civil rights
    2. Overwarned: Contest names 5 frivolous finalists
    3. Legal genes: Area attorney has long law enforcement legacy