55th District Court Operation Nighthawk results in 7 arrests and 46 probation violations

Seven people were arrested and a total of 46 are facing probation violation proceedings as a result of the most recent 55th District Court Probation OPERATION NIGHTHAWK. The sweep, which occurred May 7 and May 8, 2010, is a joint effort between the probation department and local law enforcement. Seven people were arrested: three were probationers who had outstanding warrants, two were under the influence of alcohol, one was in the presence of alcohol and the last was an individual not on probation but encountered during the course of the sweep and found to have several warrants.

OPERATION NIGHTHAWK is conducted on a random basis after business hours to monitor defendants on probation. Probation officers team with police officers from local law enforcement agencies. Last weekend deputies from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, as well as officers from the Mason Police Department and the Meridian Township Police Department participated.

"Unannounced sweeps by our probation office with local law enforcement officers are the backbone of Operation Nighthawk. NIGHTHAWK encourages probationers to follow their probation orders," said 55th District Court Judge Donald Allen Jr. "We thank the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, Mason Police Department and Meridian Township Police Department and their dedicated officers for their invaluable contribution to this important effort."

During the most recent Operation Nighthawk, the teams checked a total of 113 local addresses. There were 54 people found at home and in compliance. Another 26 probationers face violation proceedings for failing to provide their correct current address and 14 probationers face violation proceedings for failing to comply with their curfew. Probationers who were not found at home are required to submit to additional testing to document their sobriety and will face violations if they fail to comply.

Published: Thu, May 20, 2010