Veteran speaks at Patriot Week event


The Community House in Birmingham hosted a Patriot Week event Thursday, Sept. 16, featuring John Todd, a political science and buisness law professor at Rochester College and a decorated war veteran. 

Todd joined the armed forces in Vietnam as a pilot. In 1960, his plane was shot down and he was blinded in the attack.  He received the Purple Heart for his injuries and the Distinguished Flying Cross for valor for bravery in a previous mission.  He also has served as a spokesperson for President Nixon, founded the Vietnam’s Veterans for Just Peace and has worked as a lobbyist for veterans in Washington, D.C. 

Patriot Week is a grassroots effort, co-chaired by Judge Warren and his daughter Leah and passed by the Michigan State Senate, to renew the spirit of America by celebrating the founding First Principles, major historical figures, key American documents, and historical flags.  The dates of Sept. 11 (the anniversary of the terrorist attacks) and Sept. 17 (anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution) frame the week. 

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