County officials recognize Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month


– Photos by John Meiu

On Wednesday, March 30, Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub and Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Joan E. Young joined with CARE House’s Executive Director Pat Rosen and Board President Kappy Trott to recognize outstanding individuals Martin and Catherine Terbrack who received the Honorable Joan E. Young Foster Parents of the Year of Award.

They also presented the Circle of Light Awards to three exceptional individuals—Brittany Kalso, Tapiwa Kahari, and David Keel Jr.—for their tireless work to protect the most vulnerable children in our community.

Commissioners also planted pinwheels  in front of the Lady Justice statue at the courthouse in Pontiac. The Garden of Dreams for Children symbolizes the hope for children’s future as part of recognizing April as Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

The pinwheel is a symbol of Child Abuse prevention. Child Abuse prevention is every April, every year, and is every day, every year. The pinwheels remind citizens what childhood should be.