Local students make their pitch to lower Michigan's voting age


PHOTO #1: West Hills Middle School students giving their presentation at the West Bloomfield Charter Township Meeting included (left to right) Jalen Burkett, Justin Chappell, Sarah Agilar, and Alexa Kessler.

PHOTO #2: Pictured are (left to right) Mrs. O’Grady (West Hills Middle School Teacher), Alexa Kessler, retired Judge Fred M. Mester, Sarah Agilar, Justin Chappell, Jalen Burkett, and Mrs. Singh (West Hills Middle School Teacher).

Sarah Agilar, Jalen Burkett, Justin Chappell, and Alexa Kessler, all students at West Hills Middle School, recently made an appearance at the West Bloomfield Charter Township meeting on June 13 to present their Primary Years Programme exhibition project.

Assisted in their preparation by retired Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Fred M. Mester, these "bright young students made a wonderful presentation discussing the benefits of lowering the voting age to 16," according to Mester.

Mester, who serves as ombudsman for the U.S. District Court, expressed the highest regard for the school and teachers, Mrs. O'Grady and Mrs. Singh, for their effort to expose the students to and educate them about local government. Additionally, Mester expressed his appreciation for Erica Chappell who first introduced him to the program.

Steve Kaplan, West Bloomfield Township trustee, praised the students: "They did a fabulous job. To be honest, I had not even thought about this topic until just now. But you made me think and that is important."

Kaplan recommended that these students share their presentation with the state legislature.

Published: Mon, Jul 18, 2016