Kosch Hospitality selected to manage courthouse cafeteria and dining room

Oakland County has selected Rochester-based Kosch Hospitality as the new culinary team to manage the Oakland County Courthouse cafeteria and dining room, located at 1200 North Telegraph in Pontiac.

"Because Kosch has a significant business presence in Oakland County, including managing the food service needs for the Oakland Schools building right across the street, there are some natural economic and service advantages we gain by selecting them," said J. David VanderVeen, director of Central Services for Oakland County. "Also, Kosch has agreed to a commission return to the county for all catered events on the Oakland County campus."

The cafeteria was closed this week while Kosch renovates the dining area and redesigns the menu choices. Kosch projects it will reopen the courthouse cafeteria and dining room on Monday, June 7.

"Kosch is undertaking a makeover project for the courthouse cafeteria that will take the dining space from a 1970s institutional view, to a more progressive, warm environment," VanderVeen said. "Using the design on a dime approach, Kosch is working with the county to find and use as many Oakland County artifacts and historical pieces found in storage and on campus to highlight the county's heritage."

Kosch Hospitality replaces Oak Management, whose contract at the courthouse cafeteria and dining expired. Oak Management continues to service the dining and hospitality needs at Oakland County Parks and Recreation facilities.

In business since 1981, Kosch Hospitality owns, operates and manages more than 40 facilities in various markets from Petoskey to Toledo. For additional information about Kosch Hospitality, go to www.koschcatering.com.

Published: Fri, Jun 4, 2010