Law students elect 2011-12 Board, select Professors of the Year

Wayne State University Law School students recently elected the 2011-12 Student Board of Governors (SBG). They also voted Associate Professor Janet Findlater First-Year Professor of the Year and Assistant Professor Christopher Lund Upperclass Professor of the Year.

This marks the 17th year Findlater has been voted Professor of the Year since joining the faculty in 1976. Lund, who joined the Law School in 2009, now has received the honor twice.

Students elected to the 2011-12 board include: President Tom Smith, Vice President Ashley Fisher, Secretary Victoria Suber, Treasurer Michael Skoczylas, Student Senate Representative Liz Young, ABA Representative Paul Huebner, Residence Hall Governor Michael Arnold, Second-Year Day Governors Julia Friedman and Jason Pearsall, Second-Year Evening Governors Tiane Brown and Robert Thomas, Third-Year Day Governors Sarah Barbantini and Caroline Gersch, Upperclass Evening Governors Ryan Carnago and Sylvia Saco, and Governors-at-Large Sorin Borlodan, Josh Faber, Ryan Fishman, Heather Herbert, Cheryl Kennedy, Jessica Krefman, Frances Murphy, Rebecca Petroff, Avery Rose, Jack Schulz, Kristyn Taylor, Michael VanOrder, Julia Wider, Alyssa Yeip, and Michael Zavier.

"My congratulations to all the new and returning members of the Student Board of Governors," said Wayne Law Dean Robert M. Ackerman. "The 2010-11 board truly raised the bar with regard to service and involvement inside and outside of the Law School. I know many of the newly elected students and am confident that they will bring the same enthusiasm and commitment to their service on the board. I look forward to working with them in the coming year."

He added, "I would also like to congratulate professors Findlater and Lund on being named Professors of the Year. They are excellent examples of the extraordinary faculty at Wayne Law. We are fortunate to be able call them our own."

According to Smith, the board already is making plans for the upcoming year.

"This year's board is the perfect mixture of new and old members," Smith said. "This provides us with experience and fresh ideas, both of which are vital to real progress. We're excited to spend the summer developing new programs and methods, and improving upon old ones. It will be hard work, but the results will be worth it."

The SBG meets every other week and encourages Wayne Law students to attend and voice their ideas and concerns. The board appoints law students to serve on several important student-faculty committees; publishes the student newspaper, Dicta; and organizes school-wide and social charitable activities, such as the Wayne Law Ambulance Chase, the Treasure of Detroit silent auction, the Dean'as Cup, mentoring programs and more.

Published: Mon, May 9, 2011