Flint faces big bill for drying wet court records

FLINT (AP) -- Flint doesn't need this: a $610,000 bill from a company that dried court documents soaked in a building flood last year.

Records at 68th District Court were saved after they were freeze-dried, a very technical and expensive process. Flint benefits manager Bob Erlenbeck informed council members about the bill last Wednesday.

The Flint Journal says the company has agreed to waive interest and accept payments over 2 1/2 years. Flint has financial problems and is anticipating a multimillion-dollar budget deficit.

Erlenbeck says the city is investigating whether Genesee County, the owner of the court building, could be liable for some of the bill. Flint's 68th District Court is now operating in the basement of city hall until the city and county agree on a new lease at the McCree Building.

Published: Mon, May 9, 2011