Court overturns verdict in YMCA slippery stall case

LANSING (AP) -- Is soap scum in the shower an obvious hazard at a YMCA?

The Michigan appeals court has overturned a $62,000 verdict and ordered a new trial in the case of a woman who fell and was hurt after rinsing her swimsuit at a Lansing YMCA in 2003. Milagros Dascola of Dimondale says she later noticed the floor was slippery from soap residue.

The appeals court says there was some evidence that white spots were visible on the floor. The court says the trial judge wrongly kept the issue from a jury, so the case must start over.

Court of Appeals Judge Deborah Servitto isn't in favor of a new trial. She says the case should be dismissed because people are aware that the floor of a shower can be slippery.

Published: Tue, May 24, 2011