June 22, 2021

    1. MY TURN: A coincidental turn of events is defined by degree
    2. COMMENTARY: A legislative car crash
    4. NERDWALLET: Should you save less for retirement?
    5. COMMENTARY: Lawyer's rescue dog demonstrates lesson in trust
    6. THE COUNSELOR'S CORNER: When life gets difficult


    1. Law firm combinations off to a strong start in 1Q
    2. ABA Human Rights magazine highlights the systemic views of science in underserved communities


    1. Real Property law Section to conduct conference online
    2. Law student continues work as a clerk at his father's firm
    3. Prosecutors to discuss 'Charging Decisions in Child Abuse Cases,' June 24
    4. MMLA hosting in person event June 24
    5. 'Domestic Violence Trial Advocacy Training' offered for prosecutors, July 20-21
    6. Law school awards Voice for Justice Fellowship to two students
    7. Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan host conference in person and online, July 23-24
    8. Board urges U.S. government to help secure release of Huntington Woods native Danny Fenster
    9. Michigan man loses appeal in prosthetic leg lawsuit
    10. Township must pay $140K in legal fees on $500 verdict


    1. Firm's webinar to look at preparing for SBA review of PPP forgiveness, June 24
    2. Hit by a ransomware attack? Payment may be deductible


    1. Good as 'Gold': Detroit Country Day student helps with program for children visiting courts
    2. 'Bar for the Course': OCBA golf outing to make return appearance July 26
    3. Law student focused on Innocence Project and criminal defense work
    4. Associations to honor out-going presidents
    5. Panel to discuss govt. lawyers who transition to private practice, July 21