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Taking it to Television: Local attorneys turn their book into informative special

Trial & Heirs: Protect Your Family Fortune! promises to be an entertaining and informative PBS television special hosted by local husband and wife legacy expert attorneys Danielle and Andrew Mayoras.Trial & Heirs: Protect Your Family Fortune! is based on the Mayorases 2009 book Trial & Heirs:.. [ More »]

Law School Life
Law School Life Blog

This is a place for law students, law school administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni to interact and share information and opinions about events happening at local law schools, trends in legal education, and topics and issues facing law schools here at home and across the nation... [ More »]

Food Court

 A Spartan MealNick Roumel, Nacht LawWhen you think of Spartans, do you picture the courageous and austere Greek race of yore, or green-clad athletes prancing around on hardwood or Astroturf? These days it could be either, with the release of the movie sequel to 300 or the spirited competitiveness.. [ More »]

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