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  • ADR Section earns honor at Annual Meeting of DBA

    July 12, 2024

    The Detroit Bar Association celebrated its Annual Dinner and Awards Night event June 13 at the Detroit Golf Club, recognizing exceptional contributions within the legal community.

  • Civility

    July 12, 2024

    Unfortunately, civility is hard to codify or legislate, but you know it when you see it.  It’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable.  Sandra Day O’Conner

  • Cooley Law professor emeritus publishes second children’s book

    July 12, 2024

    Joseph Kimble, a distinguished professor emeritus at Cooley Law School, recently published the second of his Mr. Mouthful children’s books: “Mr. Mouthful and the Monkeynappers.”

  • 33rd Annual Cooley Golf Classic

    July 05, 2024

    Cooley Law School held its 33rd annual Golf Classic at Eagle Eye Golf Course in East Lansing on Monday, June 17.  All proceeds from the outing go to support the school’s Student Scholarship Fund.

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