August 02, 2011


    1. Arizona What led to 'Project Gunwalker'? ATF investigative team had lofty goals of stopping the 'iron river' to Mexico
    2. Supreme Court Watch Health care challenge hits high court
    3. California Fight over Globes broadcast returns to court Foreign press association wants to overturn recent NBC contract with dcp


    1. Of Mutual Interest 5 things you should know about mid-cap stocks
    2. Business Businesses play critical role in thwarting terror
    3. Manufacturing growth hits lowest level in two years


    1. Daily Briefs August 2
    2. Eminent domain attorney to participate in property rights conference
    3. Matter of Distinction Attorney's record of service displays commitment to profession, community


    1. Counselor's Corner: Summary of a life well lived
    2. Law Life: Should social media passwords be a job requirement?
    3. Money Matters: Taxation committee looks at household debt


    1. State Roundup
    2. Saginaw Sagnasty or Saginawesome? Artist votes with mural Artist looks to bring focus on city's growing artistic community
    3. Lansing State budget chief questions school aid earmarks Sixty percent of taxing goes to school aid fund or some $7.8B
    4. Book: How to prevent family conflict before the will is read Michigan elder law attorney pens book on estate planning
    5. Secretary Johnson encourages voting


    1. National Roundup
    2. South Carolina Civil rights lawyer, federal judge Perry dies Lawyer became first back judge in the state named to the federal bench
    3. New Jersey U.S. Muslim: From Sept. 11 detainee lawyer to judge Christie nomination of Indian-American attorney to Superior Court drew criticism
    4. Arizona Motion for new trial delaying Ray's sentencing