August 07, 2014


    1. Portfolio income during retirement
    2. What to make of the ' Hobby Lobby' decision
    3. Ace the bar? Now for the hard part ...


    1. Challenges to gay marriage bans and where they stand
    2. Gay marriage arguments flooding federal courts Flurry of arguments means an upcoming spate of rulings, possibly this fall
    3. Woman suing Home Depot for tornado deaths
    4. Schafran to receive ABA's Sharon L. Corbitt Award


    1. Walgreen turns down inversion to cut tax bill
    2. Obama seeks executive ways to limit tax inversions President denounces business tactic as unpatriotic, urges Congress to halt it
    3. Attorney helps compile publication on the corporate practice of medicine
    4. U.S. companies falling behind as Africa surges
    5. U.S. trade gap narrows to lowest level in 5 months


    1. Madonna University paralegal program now enrolling
    2. Ex-boss says longtime fugitive became a good man
    3. National Roundup
    4. Manslaughter charge sought for woman in death of son due to exposure
    5. Congressman charges war on whites by Democrats Denies comment was incendiary
    6. Poll shows Obama health law is a tale of 2 Americas
    7. Cuba calls U.S. political work on island 'covert' and shameful
    8. U.S. inspectors general say government has blocked access
    9. Inmate executed for raping, killing college student
    10. Trump sues to get name off two Atlantic City casinos


    1. Michigan election turns to marquee statewide races
    2. Still Styling
    3. State Roundup


    1. Cooley honors student with Great Deeds Award
    2. Speciality court looks to help victims of human trafficking
    3. Asked and Answered
    4. Daily Briefs