May 08, 2020


    1. Local voice: Virtual hearing best practices for Family Law
    2. Order: Courts to follow phased approach, based on local conditions
    3. Public service celebrated at Michigan Law's 'The Valiant' storytelling event
    4. ABA Legal Fact Check
    5. Daily Briefs


    1. 33 million have sought U.S. unemployment aid since virus hit Unemployment rate forcasted to reach highest since Great Depression
    2. Neiman Marcus becomes 2nd major
    3. No time like the present: End-of-life plans and the pandemic
    4. What is a good reason for a personal loan?


    1. Both health and economic conditions make clear that we need to move to the next phase
    2. Both conservatives and liberals want a green energy future, but for different reasons
    3. Key questions employers should ask when an employee tests positive for COVID-19
    4. Parental leave laws don't do enough for single moms ? but there's a way to fix that


    1. U.S. Supreme Court Notebook
    2. Unanimous Supreme Court throws out 'Bridgegate' convictions


    1. Unemployment: Layoffs from final two weeks of April won't show up in report
    2. National Roundup
    3. Faith activism amid pandemic spans causes and denominations
    4. Rogue tourists arrested as state tries to curb virus spread
    5. Pence: Citation for small church service 'beyond the pale'
    6. Trucker charged in serial killings faces scrutiny across U.S.
    7. ABA hosts 26th Annual Federal Procurement Institute as a four-part webinar series


    1. Nessel joins coalition of 20 states and District of Columbia defending the ACA in U.S. Supreme Court
    2. Detroit nonprofits, businesses can get free legal help regarding COVID-19
    3. In Memoriam