September 15, 2023


    1. Alum commits $20 million for scholarships at Michigan Law Gift is among the largest in the law school's history
    2. A Constitutional Revolution is Underway at the U.S. Supreme Court
    3. Nessel launches Address Confidentiality Program
    4. Federal court severely curtails civil asset forfeiture in Michigan
    5. Daily Briefs


    1. On the road again: Commuting makes a comeback as employers try to put pandemic in the rearview
    2. What to know about renters insurance and what it does and doesn't cover
    3. Cutting Social Security will hurt millennials and Gen Z's ability to save and retire
    4. Bankruptcy August commercial chapter 11 filings increase 54 percent over last year


    1. Whitmer's less-of-the-same energy policy leaves Michiganders out in the cold
    2. Summer 2023 was the hottest on record - yes, it's climate change, but don?t call it 'the new normal'
    3. 30 years after Arafat-Rabin handshake, clear flaws in Oslo Accords doomed peace talks to failure


    1. Court Digest
    2. Alex Jones spent over $93,000 in July. Sandy Hook families who sued him have yet to see a dime
    3. Federal judge again declares that DACA is illegal with issue likely to be decided by Supreme Court
    4. Leaving Google's search engine isn't easy, government witness says in antitrust case


    1. At the University of North Carolina, two shootings 30 years apart show how much has changed
    2. Appeals court upholds law giving adults 2-year window to file child sex-abuse lawsuits
    3. National Roundup
    4. American Bar Association supports Senate resolution to make 2024 the Year of Democracy


    1. Benson testifies in favor of legislation to protect Michigan's