December 01, 2023


    1. Supreme Court schedules December oral arguments
    2. MSU Law professor probes use of racial and ethnic imagery
    3. MDHHS to begin pilot program to provide navigators to assist families who have child support cases
    4. Senate Democrats authorize subpoenas in Supreme Court ethics probe as Republicans stage walkout
    5. Daily Briefs


    1. Thousands of fake Facebook accounts shut down by Meta were primed to polarize voters ahead of 2024
    2. Pressure builds to eliminate fossil fuel use as oil executive, under fire, takes over climate talks
    3. The IRS announces 2024 tax brackets
    4. ABA selects DePaul law dean as new managing director of legal education


    1. Has the first tax hike of 2024 just dropped?
    2. Kissinger's bombing campaign likely killed hundreds of thousands of Cambodians - and set path for the ravages of the Khmer Rouge.
    3. Russian attempt to control narrative in Ukraine employs age-old tactic of 'othering' the enemy


    1. Court Digest
    2. Indian official plotted to assassinate a Sikh separatist leader, U.S. prosecutors say DEA set up sting with an undercover agent posing as a hitman
    3. Conservative Supreme Court justices seem open to an attack on the SEC Could have far-reaching effects on other regulatory agencies
    4. Russia's Supreme Court effectively outlaws LGBTQ+ activism in a landmark ruling


    1. Deutsche Bank was keen to land a 'whale' of a client in Trump, documents at his fraud trial show
    2. Lawsuit seeks $5M for Black former delivery driver who says white men shot at him
    3. State officials who refused to canvass election results indicted by grand jury
    4. National Roundup