Abuse and Neglect


The Oakland Count Bar Association’s Criminal Law Committee continued its “Anatomy of a Criminal Case — Year XI” brown bag lecture series with a look at “Abuse and Neglect Cases in Family Court” on Tuesday, Feb. 16, at the OCBA Center with guest speaker Lisa Ritchie Neilson (above) of Zivian & Neilson PC.  “There are a lot of changes going on right now,” said Neilson. “Filings are way down. The Department of Human Services and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office have a different role. Their interplay is much different. At this point the Prosecutor’s Office is now representing the Department of Human Services rather than being the co-petitioner.” The change has resulted in a lower volume of filings, said Neilson.  “The high point was 498 in one year between 2003 and 2006 and we’re now down to 109 filings last year.”  Photo by John Meiu.