MDTC seeks nominations for annual award

Established in 1992, the Annual Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) "Excellence in Defense Award" is designed to honor those civil defense counsel who have over a number of years through their professionalism, intelligence, creativity, judgment, personality, sensitivity, civility, advocacy skills, community involvement and efforts to educate younger attorneys, promoted the practice of the defense bar and the representation of their clients both in and outside of the courtroom. It also recognizes contributions beyond their normal roles as an advocate.

On May 1 of each year, the United States celebrates what is known as "Law Day." At that time, numerous programs are held throughout the country honoring lawyers, providing free educational programs to members of the public in legal areas, and otherwise commemorating our legal system.

It is only appropriate that as part of such commemorative activities, the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel's (MDTC) Board of Directors honor a present and/or former practicing attorney who has served as a pillar of the defense bar. The individual who receives the Excellence in Defense Award will be named on Law Day. The award will then be presented to the recipient or a member of the recipient's family, or other representative (if the recipient is deceased or cannot otherwise be in attendance) at the annual meeting.

A sponsor of a nominee must be a current MDTC member in good standing. The sponsor may nominate anyone who meets the following criteria:

(1) the person has practiced law for at least 25 years, or, in the case of present or past member of the judiciary, at least 15 years;

(2) the person has spent at least 75 percent of his/her time in the defense of civil lawsuits; and

(3) the person has not spent more than 10 percent of his/her time representing plaintiffs in civil lawsuits.

It is not necessary that the nominee be currently living and/or practicing law.

To ensure the individual given the Excellence in Defense Award is worthy of this honor, the Board of Directors has adopted criteria that will be considered in both nominating, and selecting, the honoree. The criteria are as follows:

A. Number of cases tried or in which appeals were handled.

B. Creativity and intelligence in the handling of defense matters.

C. Advocacy skills as reflected in the defense of complex legal matters.

D. Demeanor and civility evinced by the candidate.

E. Good judgment in the preparation of trial matters and appeals.

F. Civic, community and bar activities.

The sponsor is encouraged to address as many of these criteria as possible in submitting an accurate and convincing presentation advocating his or her nominee. As an alternative, the sponsor may submit a detailed resume of the nominee, or a brief resume augmented with a short written summary of applicable criteria relative to the nominee.

The deadline for nominations is January 10, 2012.

Visit default/files/2012%20EID%20Nom%20Pk.pdf for a copy of the nomination form.

Published: Tue, Jan 3, 2012