Curbing Gun Violence


On Tuesday, April 9, the third of a five-part series of special informational hearings on “Curbing Gun Violence” took place during the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Public Services Committee meeting in the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Committee Room A in Pontiac.  Commissioner and Public Services Committee Chairman Bill Dwyer (far left) and Commissioner Marcia Gershenson (second from left) were pleased to present panelists (l-r) Michigan State Police First Lieutenant/Commander of Legislative and Legal Resources Chris Hawkins, U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade, Eastern District of Michigan; and Franklin-Bingham Farms Chief of Police Dan Roberts, retired assistant director of the FBI. “This hearing will provide a unique opportunity to hear from high profile individuals from the federal and state level who work with our existing protections every day,” stated Dwyer, a former police chief. “We talked to local law enforcement at our first meeting. At the second meeting we had four school superintendents come in and talk about their concern with school safety. After this meeting we’re going to have a meeting with mental health experts and our final meeting in the series of five will be with Second Amendment folks. After that is concluded, I’ll be submitting a final report to the entire Board of Commissioners as far as our recommendations and findings.”

Photo by John Meiu