Online video examines role of oral arguments in the Michigan high court

 A landmark 2004 Michigan Supreme Court decision on eminent domain is the focus of “Oral Arguments in the Michigan Supreme Court,” a video that the Court now offers online.

A discussion guide accompanying the video includes an overview of Wayne County v Hathcock, in which the Supreme Court unanimously overturned an earlier, controversial Supreme Court decision, Poletown Neighborhood Council v City of Detroit. The guide was prepared by the Court’s Learning Center for high school students and educators, but anyone who is interested in learning more about Michigan’s judicial branch can benefit from reading the guide and seeing the video, said Learning Center Coordinator Rachael Drenovsky.

“We used the Hathcock case to show the role of oral argument in Supreme Court decisions,” Drenovsky explained. “Now that the Court live streams its proceedings, students and educators can easily watch oral arguments without leaving the classroom, and they will have this video and discussion guide as resources.”

“Oral Arguments in the Michigan Supreme Court” is on the Supreme Court’s YouTube channel at The Court live streams its proceedings at