Leading experts to discuss trends in electronic discovery at ABA meeting

 Judges known for their decisions involving electronically stored information, along with lawyers, technologists and forensics experts, will lead discussions on the latest trends in electronic discovery at an American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law meeting Jan 28-31 in Tampa, Fla.

Panels will examine recent judicial decisions involving electronically stored information, or ESI; analyze the e-discovery implications of employee-owned devices, social media and data stored in the cloud; probe how to extract important information from various technical devices; and discuss the plans for a technical framework to house e-discovery information that leads to quality standards and practices.

Program highlights include:

• “Digital Forensics in the Cloud and on Mobile Devices, Plus a Discussion on the Role of Forensics Training” — Magistrate Judge Anthony E. Porcelli and other panelists will discuss forensics in the cloud and other mobile devices. They will also demonstrate a forensics examination of a smartphone.

• “Managing ESI Within Health Information Systems: Now They’ve Gone Mobile” — Ross Koppel, a professor and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, and other panelists will discuss how health records present a challenge in the support of legal proceedings.

• “Judicial View on Recent ESI Decisions” — Judges Shira A. Scheindlin and John M. Facciola and other judicial panelists will discuss recent ESI decisions and how they affect how organizations store and manage information.

• “Ethics: Competence and the Benefits and Risks of Technology” — Professor Susan Demers and other legal panelists will discuss strategies for law firms to protect client information and comply with the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.


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