Lawtendr launches bidding website to help clients find lawyers

Lawtendr this week announced the release of its new website Individuals can user Lawtendr to post a legal job and get bids from local lawyers, saving them time and providing them with competitive pricing. Each bid includes the lawyer's fee, background, experience and description of how they will complete the job. Having this information at the start of their search will make the process of finding a lawyer easier and less intimidating for clients.

The relationship between a lawyer and client holds a special place in our society and Lawtendr is not designed to reduce that relationship to a simple auction. Lawtendr is, however, designed to help make the search for a lawyer a simpler, more positive experience by providing individuals with options and information at the start of the search process. After selecting a bid, the client will still have to meet with the lawyer. Lawtendr is optimistic that in most cases, the client will be satisfied with their selection. If the client is not satisfied with the lawyer or if the lawyer is unable to perform the work, the client has 10 days to cancel their choice and may select another bid.

Lawtendr is also designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for lawyers to find clients. Lawyers can use Lawtendr to get access to a new customer base and grow their practice. Lawtendr helps make the search easy for lawyers by giving them the option of receiving email notifications when a new job is posted near them in one of their areas of expertise.

Lawtendr receives 10 percent of the total bid price, providing lawyers with a low client acquisition cost. Since Lawtendr accepts payments from clients when they select a bid, lawyers can spend their time on more pressing matters than client billing and collecting.

It's free for clients to post a job and for lawyers to bid. Clients pay the full bid price when they select a bid. Lawtendr deducts a 10 percent fee from the total bid price. Legal fees earned by lawyers are paid in a monthly lump sum payment.

Lawtendr will initially be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Lawtendr was founded by Jonathan Burshtein, a founding partner of Davidzon Burshtein LLP, and Blue Basil Studios Ltd., a Toronto-based web development company.

Published: Fri, Nov 21, 2014