Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program Seminars held at CAYMC

The 2015 CAP Seminars will be held in the auditorium located on the 13th Floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC), with a start time of 1:30 p.m. Please note, out of courtesy to speakers and attendees, late registrations will not be permitted beyond 1:45 p.m. Attorneys arriving after 1:45 p.m. will not receive credit for the session.

September 11

Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Update

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission is required by statute to collect and compile data for the review of indigent defense services in Michigan; create minimum standards to ensure all systems providing indigent defense meet constitutional obligations for effective assistance of counsel; and work with counties to implement plans to meet the standards and measure the performance of counties in providing public defense services. As data collection begins and the first set of minimum standards have been proposed, Executive Director Jonathan Sacks will explain the Commission's goals and timetable and how the MIDC will impact indigent defense in Wayne County.

Speaker: Jonathan Sacks, Executive Director, Michigan Indigent Defense Commission, Lansing, MI. Moderated by: Marla R. McCowan, Director of Training, Outreach and Support Michigan Indigent Defense Commission and CAP Board Member

September 18

Search & Seizure

Search and Seizure issues are among the most popular training topics requested by criminal defense attorneys, and this session will cover all of the basics from black letter law to the latest developments in the US Supreme Court, as well as tips for written motion practice and evidentiary hearings.

Speaker: Joshua A. Blanchard, Attorney, Miel & Carr, PLLC, Greenville, MI.

Moderated by: Marla R. McCowan, Director of Training, Outreach and Support Michigan Indigent Defense Commission and CAP Board Member

September 25

Probation Violations and Changes in HYTA

On the surface Probation Violations seem very straight forward but they can be a malpractice suit waiting to happen. In this seminar we will cover the applicable court rules and appellate decisions that govern PVs. You will learn a step-by-step approach that will ensure that you are properly representing your client. We will also briefly cover the recent changes to HYTA and what it means to our clients.

Speaker: Matthew M. Evans, Attorney and CAP Board Member

Moderated by Matthew M. Evans, Attorney and CAP Board Member

October 2

Medical Marijuana Update

Michigan's laws on medical marijuana can be confusing and are constantly in flux. Attorney Michael Komorn, President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association will help guide you through the ever changing landscape of medical marijuana law in Michigan.

Speaker: Michael A. Komorn, Attorney and President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association

Moderated by: Keith G. Clark, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor and CAP Board Member

October 9

Walker Hearings: A to Z

Experienced practitioner Gabi Silver will provide insight and guidance for criminal defense attorneys handling cases where the voluntariness of a client's confession may be at issue. Ms. Silver will provide tips for filing a successful motion to suppress a confession and a motion for a Walker Hearing. People v Walker, 374 Mich 331 (1965). Learn when to determine if such a motion is appropriate by analyzing the various circumstances surrounding your client's statement (including, length and conditions of the detention; the physical and mental state of the defendant; the age, mentality, and prior criminal experience of the defendant; the nature of any inducement offered; the conduct of the police; and the adequacy and frequency of the advice of rights) and learn how to prepare for and conduct a Walker hearing.

Speaker: Gabi D. Silver, Attorney

Moderated by Marilena David-Martin, CAP Board Member and Criminal Defense Resource Center, State Appellate Defender's Office

October 16

Hearsay in a Nutshell

You do not want to miss this exciting lecture on the law of Hearsay; what it is and what it is not, laid out in clear concise language. Expect this seminar to run about one hour and a half.

Baughman is an appellate practitioner that has appeared before the United States Supreme Court six times and before the Michigan Supreme Court over seventy times. He is the author of Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure Practice Deskbook a.k.a "The Baughman Book."

Speaker: Tim Baughman, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor

Moderator: Opolla Brown, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor and CAP Board Member

October 23

The Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory

Learn how the Michigan State Police Crime Lab works. There is plenty of opportunity for questions. We encourage you to submit your questions in advance via email to lynn.wade@3rdcc.org. Your questions will be submitted to the Speaker, Captain Gregoire Michaud, Director of the Forensic Science Division of the Michigan State Police.

Speaker: Captain Gregoire Michaud, Director of the Forensic Science Division of the Michigan State Police

Moderator: Judge Lawrence S. Talon, Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan and CAP Board Chairman

October 30

Ethics for the Criminal Law Attorney

Practicing law in the criminal arena can be challenging. We are expected to be knowledgeable, skilled, and proficient. And we must be competent. And all the while, we must be ethical. At this session we will hear from attorneys from the Attorney Grievance Commission, and from a lawyer who defends attorneys when they are accused of violating the Rules of professional Responsibility. They will share with us their thoughts on how to avoid ethical problems while we practice our profession.

Come join us, and bring your questions.

Speakers: Alan M. Gershel, Grievance Administrator, Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission

Frances A. Rosinski, Senior Associate Counsel, Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission

Thomas M. Loeb, CAP Board Member and a Practicing Attorney concentrating in criminal defense, police misconduct, divorce and family law, and grievance defense.

Moderator: Mark L. Brown, Attorney and CAP Board Member

November 6


Anne M. Yantus, Manager of SADO's Special Unit on Pleas & Sentencing, will provide a legal update and practical advice on substantive sentencing law and guidelines issues.

Speaker: Anne M. Yantus, Manager of State Appellate Defenders Office, Special Unit

Moderated by Dawn Van Hoek, Director of the State of Appellate Defender Office

November 20

Michigan Law Update

Always informative! Cooley Law School Professor Ronald J. Bretz returns for his annual engagement to update what's new from the Michigan Supreme Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Speaker: Professor Ronald J. Bretz, Professor, Cooley Law School

Moderated by Samuel Churikian, Attorney and CAP Board Member

December 4

U.S. Supreme Court Update

Speaker: Patrick Corbett analyzes the recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court.

Moderated by Susan F. Reed, Attorney and CAP Board Member

Published: Tue, Sep 08, 2015