Seminar series aimed at new lawyers, law students

The Oakland County Bar Association will kick off “OCBA U,” its innovative continuing legal education program aimed at new attorneys and law students on September 8 at the OCBA offices in Bloomfield Hills.

“We recognize that once law school is over, the learning process for new lawyers continues,” said OCBA President David Anderson. “OCBA U blends law school knowledge with real world experience. It’s an opportunity for our members, who are among the area’s most respected attorneys and judges, to help new lawyers grow their careers by teaching them the skills they need to succeed.”

OCBA U is broken down into two seminar series. The first series will run twice-monthly on Thursday evenings in September and October. Each evening consists of two “Practical Knowledge” classes covering the “nuts and bolts” of practicing certain types of law and presented by OCBA members who practice in those areas. These seminars are geared toward new lawyers who may be unsure what area of law to pursue or who may be thinking about adding an additional or switching to a new practice area. Panelists will not teach substantive law; rather, “nuts and bolts” seminars are meant to give attendees a glimpse of a “day in the life” of an attorney practicing a certain area of law.

The second “semester” of OCBA U begins January 12, 2017 and consists of seminars similar to those in the “Intro” series. Titled “Court Rules”, these seminars provide a unique primer for best advocacy practices in Oakland County Courts according to the court personnel who work there. Each seminar will begin with a judicial staff attorney who will cover pretrial matters and effective motion practice. The second part of the each seminar will be a moderated panel of sitting judges discussing best practices in oral advocacy and the do’s and don’ts of practicing in their courtrooms.

Seminar fees for the “Practical Knowledge” series are $20 per seminar for OCBA members and $40 for non- members. Fees for the “Court Rules” series are $40 per seminar for OCBA members and $80 for non-members. Register online at