Rhyme and Reason

A man walked into the courtroom

A major case to try

Despite an ironclad contract

His customer refused to buy

His lawyer warned him, however

That nothing is ever sure

But the seller was still confident

Cuz he'd given ten chances to cure

The jury panel came into the courtroom

Some more eager than others

And twelve peers were selected

Including one who had other druthers

And the trial went forward

From openings to plaintiffs case

To defendant's turn and rebuttal

At a surprisingly efficient pace

And it was only a matter of days

Before the judge gave final instructions

And sent the jury to deliberate

Even the one who was reluctant

And while the jury deliberated,

behind the lawyers' backs

the defendant approached the plaintiff

And admitted it was funds that he lacked

The plaintiff saw an option

And offered to partner the sale

So long as they split sixty forty

And the defendant called it a deal

They tracked down their lawyers

and quickly got the clerk on the phone

who then told the judge what had happened

And he sent the jurors all home

To some this is a story of waste

Of justice, money and time

But for others it shows the system

Can lead to justice of the ultimate kind

For true justice is resolution

And win-win is the best of all

Its not always the jurors verdict

That is the truly best call.

Sometimes you have to spend money

And a fair bit of time

Before the fog clears and everyone sees

The reason inside the rhyme.

Under Analysis is a nationally syndicated column of the Levison Group. Charles Kramer is a principal of the St. Louis, Missouri law firm Riezman Berger PC. Comments or criticisms about this column may be sent to the Levison Group at comments@levison group com.

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Published: Fri, Aug 11, 2017